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Traces of war in the Ogwen Valley

3 Feb

Yesterday’s snow in Snowdonia meant that the already beautiful Ogwen Valley was even more stunning (if a little cold!).

In the spring and summer of 1940, ‘stop lines’ were built all over the United Kingdom to repel, or at least slow down, a German invasion. The North Wales defences were especially important as the British were worried that the German invasion force would use ‘neutral’ Southern Ireland as a ‘stepping stone’ when trying to invade.

In the Nant Ffrancon and Ogwen Valley areas of North Wales evidence of anti-tank fortifications are still visible today. The ‘dragon’s teeth’ were built of local stone at the head of the Nant Ffrancon while various spigot mortar emplacements can be found around Ogwen Cottage. A number of pill-boxes are also evident in the Ogwen Valley and also around Capel Curig. The weather today was a reminder how cold it would have been to man these defences 75 years ago.


Ogwen Valley War Memorial, Bethesda.

27 Feb

Ogwen Valley War Memorial, Bethesda.

Y Rhyfel Mawr 1914-1918. Cofarwydd o edmygedd trigolion Dyffryn Ogwen o aberth y gwŷr dewr hyn o’r ardal a gwympodd dros eu gwlad.

The Great War 1914-1918. A token remembering the admiration of Dyffryn Ogwen’s residents for the sacrifices of these brave men from the area who fell in the service of their country.