Chum the Airedale

25 Jan

Chum the Airedale

Mrs Marjory French was trapped in an Anderson shelter at her home in Purley, London, after a high explosive bomb had destroyed her house. The first signs of rescue came when two large paws were digging fast and furiously at the rubble around the air raid shelter. Her rescuer was Chum, an Airedale Terrier, owned by her next door neighbour. He excavated an opening large enough for Mrs French to get through, seized her by grabbing her dress in his jaws, and dragged her out. Mrs French recalled that Chum was about to make off “with-out even waiting for a pat”. She later reported the incident to Our Dumb Friends’ League (later became the Blue Cross) which presented him with its special medal for canine bravery on January 25th 1941.


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