Letter to Sweetheart

21 Dec

I recently came across some letters sent from Battalion Quarter Master Sergeant Jim Flanagan to his wife Cissy of 20 Phoebe Anne Street in Liverpool.  I have started to transcribe them and will put them on the blog over the next couple of months.  They offer a fascinating insight into wartime social history.



Letter from BQMS Flanagan to his wife Cissy


1570641 BQMS Flanagan

171 A.A. ‘Z’ Bty R.A.

Chattenden Barracks





My Dearest Sweetheart

I received your letter today of 3/8.  Post seems to travel more slowly from your end.  If this letter seems hurried and scrawled you must forgive me, but I have just come in and am trying to rush one off to you by the afternoon post.  It is just possible that if I can catch it you will have this letter for tomorrow, Saturday.  But even if not, and you have to wait till Monday I should not be very many hours behind the letter.

I am pleased to hear that baby is so industrious even if her industry includes egg breaking, and I am very much looking forward to seeing her in this much improved new role of hers.

I am afraid that I spoke too soon, your next letter has also arrived and I have just been reading it as I commenced this page.  (I had to put this in because I guessed that you would be puzzled stiff with my reference to a letter which I had not apparently received).

I do want to say though that you must forgive this very short note, but when I get home I will be able to put into words and actions the things which have been locked inside my heart for the past ¼ of a year.

I can say that my love for you is really and truly deep and lasting and only in your arms only will I find my true and comfortable happiness.

I want you only my darling to remain faithful and true to me under these circumstances and I know that our future life can be nothing but pleasant and happy.

Think of me, and wait patiently for me, who will be seeing you very, very soon.

I always am your loving and faithful husband.






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